The Wheatcroft Lab was founded by associate professor David Wheatcroft in 2019. Our research focuses on the song of flycatchers from an acoustic, behavioral, comparative, and neurogenomic perspective. We are based in the Department of Zoology at Stockholm University.

Divergence in song discrimination

The pied flycatcher and the collared flycatcher are two closely related species and an ideal system to study song discrimination in the context of evolution, speciation, and hybridization. Our research group combines field-based research with cutting-edge laboratory techniques to  investigate these topics.

Geographic comparison

The pied flycatchers breed in several locations across Europe. We collaborate with researchers across Europe to investigate the impact of song culture on song discrimination in this species.

Neurogenomics of song discrimination

We aim to test for differences in the neurogenomic response in response to songs of two closely related species. While the neural underpinnings of avian vocal learning has been studied extensively, few have examined the neurological mechanisms involved species recognition. 

Field-based research

We conduct the majority of our field-based research at Tovetorp Zoological Research Station in beautiful Södermanland.


Associate Professor David Wheatcroft

Department of Zoology

Stockholm University

Svante Arrhenius Väg 18B

114 18 Stockholm